4 Directors.


4 directors is a risograph newspaper publication in which four different directors are highlighted.
Each director has been given their own typography and art style, as a reflection of what I think suits their work.




For Gaspar Noé I worked with inks and torn up paper to reflect the sense of chaos often seen in his work. For Greta Gerwig I went with Lino-cut as a representation of forming your own identity. Barry Jenkins’ technique is collage because his work reflects how characters are formed by their surroundings. Wes Anderson’s spread is a playful map of popular landmarks in his films, because these play a central role in his works. 

Notes on the text: I took the information in this paper from several different interviews.  It is and never will be my intention to publish or sell this specific paper, it was purely for study and portfolio purposes. Sources can be found here

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